3 Easy Fixes to Take Better Photos

May 15, 2020

I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed this or really given it any thought, but any time someone is in a picture, whether they’re with a group of people or by themselves, the first thing they want to do when the photo op is over is see how they look in it. Right?! I know I do, anyway!

Why is that?

Simple! Because we’re making sure we like the angle, our hair isn’t a mess, the outfit we chose is flattering, and there’s nothing in our teeth! Whenever we have our picture taken, it is a normal, human reaction to immediately want to see how we look in it.

This isn’t a bad thing! I mean, don’t we all want to look our best in photos?! I don’t know a single person that doesn’t. Especially now, when everything is digital and photos are shared across the internet within seconds of taking them. The stakes are high!

It’s part of my job to make sure the people that I’m taking photos of look their best, at all times. I’m posing them in a flattering, natural way, checking for flyaways, and getting those genuine smiles and laughs! So, you might say that I have all the secrets when it comes to looking your best in front of the camera!

Although I won’t do a complete Posing 101 lecture today because that would take hours, I’ve pulled a few tips out of my arsenal that are universal in improving how you show up in photos.

The best part?! They’re so, so easy and anyone can do them. Next time you’re in the shot, try them out!

1. Pop the hip

Turn your toes away from the camera, and bend the knee closest to the camera. These are key words – the knee closest to the camera makes all the difference, because when you do this, it naturally sends your hips backwards and looks really flattering on the female body!

2. Lean in!

Lean your shoulder slightly towards the camera! Not only his this a flattering angle, but it just makes it seem more joyful and genuine, and a lot less stiff and awkward!

3. Hand on your smallest waist

Most of the time, when you place your hand on your waist, it’s actually a little lower than where it should be in order to look your BEST in a photo. It’s best if you place your hand on your “smallest waist” it looks so much better! This spot is a little higher than where you naturally would place it, but it’s the place where your waist is the tiniest. This tip will help flatter any body!


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