3 Things that Define our Photography Style

April 29, 2020

Most industry professionals agree that one of the first planning steps brides take is to hire their photographer. For a lot of couples, it follows this order:

  1. Choose date
  2. Book Planner
  3. Select venue
  4. Book photographer

The reason is because for planners & photographers, we can only book one couple per date (where a florist or a caterer may be able to serve many clients per date). That means, we can serve fewer couples in a wedding season, so our availability is limited!

I can’t say this enough: it’s so important to find a photographer that you LOVE! After all, we’ll be with you more on a wedding day than your future SPOUSE!! Not only should you connect with your photographer and share the same values, but of course you should also fall in love with their work! If you see their portfolio and you get that warm, joyful feeling, and you think to yourself, “I want photos like that!” then you know you’re on the right track 🙂

Photographers are artists and every single one has their own style, so it really helps narrow down the search if you know what style of photography you want for your day! I hope this post helps a little bit with describing what OUR style is, and exactly what that looks like!

Our photography style is:

Glowing and light-filled

Finding beautiful light that makes our images look simply dreamy is what we do. I search for natural light that makes our couples skin look soft, warm and pretty, and love shooting during golden hour the most because that’s when we get those beautiful portraits that glow!

Genuine and Joyful

A major factor of how our portraits look has to do with how we pose our couples. Beautiful portraits stem from an amazing photographic experience. Making our couples feel not only comfortable, but confident in front of my camera results in images that are genuine and joyful. After all, your engagement and wedding day are such special times in your life, so our goal is always for you to be able to look back on these portraits, even decades from now, and remember how amazing you felt.

Soft color and thoughtful composition

Soft color is pretty self-explanatory when you see our images – we love soft highlights on the face, and classic neutrals with tasteful pops of color.

Composition is a photography term that you may not be aware of. Basically, when you look at a really great photo, there’s something about it that makes it look…perfect. The spot where the subject is standing combined with their surroundings. You may not even know why it looks SO good. That’s composition, and it’s something I believe sets our work apart! It’s the “it” factor that takes an image from “pretty” to “AMAZING!”

We love creating these portraits for our sweet couples, and are so grateful for each and every one that chooses us to be a part of this special season with them!

No matter what stage of planning you’re in, I want to be a resource to you and have created so many completely FREE guides to help you! You’ll find one of our most popular guides below, feel free to grab it for yourself! And then pop over to our main website for more!


“Two Ideal Wedding Day Timelines”


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