A Beachfront Engagement in Wisconsin

June 18, 2020

First off, these two are troopers! You probably can’t tell, but Wisconsin went a little crazy and dropped to only 50 degrees and WINDY for their MID-JUNE engagement session! Not at all normal, but it does happen once in a while near Lake Michigan and Brandi & Collin didn’t even thin twice about it. They were all in, and I’m so, so glad! We shot fast and in-between wind gusts, and I’m so excited about these images!

Brandi wanted a session at the beach and as soon as she said that, I knew exactly where I wanted to take them! Grant Park is just 10 minutes from my house and is a cute beach with a small marina next to it. In the summer it’s typically filled with people hanging out on the sand and at the local restaurant. There’s live music, games, and everything else you can think of normally, but the chilly weather turned out to be a blessing because we almost had the beach to ourselves!

Brandi and Collin are getting married at The Covenant at Murray Mansion next June and I am SO excited for it already! We talked about what they envisioned for their day (fun with family & friends) and I can already tell it’s going to be an exciting day! We can’t wait for it!

Brandi and Collin, you two are wonderful, so sweet and genuine, and I cannot wait to see you again next year! For now, enjoy a handful of my favorites from your engagement!


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