A Summer Engagement on the Lakefront

May 29, 2020

You know you have an amazing couple when you aren’t available to shoot their wedding, yet they still want to do an engagement session with you! As a photographer, that’s a pretty great compliment!

Besides the fact that Tyler and Ellie look like models, they know how to pose like them, too! There wasn’t one photo from our time together that didn’t look perfect. I couldn’t help but laugh because it was almost like they were reading my mind… I would start to pose them, and they would just naturally do exactly what I was thinking! It was like magic! 🙂

We had a perfect night for their session and Klode Park was the BEST spot to start! I didn’t know this, but Tyler actually proposed to Ellie there! What a great way to celebrate that! We found a cute house (with a very curious and adorable little girl that watched us the whole time!) and then walked down to the beach. We also made our way to the Art Museum and found some gorgeous trees still in bloom!

There’s no better time than golden hour to do portraits and this entire post is evidence of that. Golden light, perfect skin tones, and that dreamy glow. It doesn’t get any better than this! And to think that the forecast was calling for rain all week! I am SO glad we decided not to listen to that!

Although I wish I could be there for their wedding, I just know it’s going to be so beautiful!! Tyler & Ellie – wishing you two ALL the best in this exciting new season! I already can’t wait to see you as a married couple next year!


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