Behind the Scenes 2019

December 5, 2019

So I have to be honest… I don’t have as many behind the scenes images as I thought when I started putting this post together! Ugh! I thought we did a much better job with this but I’ve made a mental note for us to do better in 2020. Add that to my goal list!!

Secondly, most of these are the back of my head.  You’ll notice that.  Sorry about that! I get REALLY focused when I shoot, so that’s the reason for that.

But I really do love this post because it gives you a little glimpse into what I do and love. There is SO much that happens on a wedding day – serious moments, funny things, emotional interactions, etc. and it’s just so amazing to be a part of. I love that I get to look at these and remember what it was like to be in that moment.

2019 was an amazing year.  We had the most incredible couples (now turned friends) to work with and be a part of something special with them. Adam and I are so thankful for all of them that allowed us to be a part of their lives this past year, and not to brag too much but I think we did a pretty awesome job! My “Best of 2019” post will go live before the end of the year and I’m SO excited for you to see that! It brings me to tears!

So, I was definitely freaking out when I saw this portrait location – the view was unreal and I could have stayed up there all day!

Adam has become an expert dress fluffer! It’s so funny to see how many compliments he gets.  He’s gifted!

Have I mentioned how much I love shooting bridal details? Also, props to Adam for this amazing BTS! Actually, props to Adam for MOST of these!

The attire here was VERY different.  This was in January before an engagement session, and it was COLD!

Caught looking at the back of my own camera, which I don’t do often once I check lighting, but I just couldn’t help it.  They looked SO stunning!

I needed a little height here.  Well worth dragging that stool along everywhere that day.

My outfit needs a little explanation here… this was NOT a wedding day.  I would never think of wearing white to a wedding! This was for a fun portrait session between me and another friend/photographer, so I was dressed this way because she was taking portraits for Adam and I right afterwards!

Also, that tree was AMAZING! May is such a pretty time of year!!

Adam is also a fantastic veil tosser and I love him for it.

How gorgeous do all these girls look?!

Adam’s winter weather attire.  He did a great job of not looking cold.

Champagne is always a good idea

Prepping them for a sunset walking shot

Brides – I’ve always got my eye on hair flyaways and I’m not afraid to fix them!!

And hey Marah! She’s a fantastic videographer and we love working beside her on wedding days!

Adam is the carrier of things when I’m shooting! Those bags are heavier than they look.

I’m pretty sure you can tell I’m smiling from behind the camera

Oh my gosh, Katie, fix your own hair…



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