The Veil Swoop Portrait

November 14, 2019

If there’s one portrait that my brides get the MOST excited for on their wedding day, it is hands down, this one.

The veil swoop portrait has unknowingly become my most famous & coveted portrait, and I’ll admit, one of my favorites as well!! I always say, “every bride needs a veil swoop portrait on their wedding day!!”

I talk a little bit about this in the materials I share with my couples, but one thing I love most about my blog is that it’s a place where many couples & brides can look to for education and tips.

The veil swoop is a favorite for SO many reasons! From a photography standpoint, it’s become my go-to for the featured image for my blog post!! And for good reason…

When my brides are already EXCITED for this portrait before it even happens, they’re in the perfect state of mind and they LOOK genuinely happy and excited when I take the photo!! We’re all laughing, my bride & groom look extra in-love, and it turns out so joyful and beautiful!!

Also, it’s just so epic! The long veil, in combination with the perfect little bit of a breeze, creates amazing lead lines that makes you just love this portrait even more than normal!!

Lastly, the veil simplifies the image.  Some (actually, MOST) of my favorite portraits I’ve ever taken are the SIMPLEST. The white veil swoops around my couple and creates a beautiful, dreamy foreground. It’s white and pretty and just looks stunning!!

So, if you’re a bride that wants your own bridal veil swoop portrait, there are a few things you’ll need to know!!!

  1. You need a long enough veil!! Short veils are beautiful, but they won’t have enough length to swoop it in front of you and create the foreground I mentioned above. Shorter veils are more limiting when it comes to portraits, so for the veil swoop, LONG is the way to go!! At a minimum, it should be touching the floor when it’s in place.
  2. Veils that are all one length are ideal! We’ve seen some gorgeous tiered or “layered” veils, but they are more challenging for this specific shot.
  3. Bring your bouquet!! My FAVORITE veil swoop shots are the ones where the bride was holding her bouquet, either in front of her, or wrapped around her groom’s neck.  It adds an extra element of feminity and romance!!


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