Romil + Reena | A Colorful and Traditional Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding

August 28, 2018

I’ve always taken a deep interest in other cultures.  I recently traveled half way around the world to Thailand (even though there are many places with much shorter plane rides) simply because I wanted to experience a culture and traditions that were so vastly different from my own.

That’s exactly why I was so, so excited to experience a very important tradition of the Indian culture.  I had the opportunity to photograph Romil and Reena’s wedding with Lauren Rae, and it was the most humbling experiences of my career so far.

The wedding stretched over a period of three days, jam packed with important moments.  The majority of the events took place at the iconic Milwaukee Art Museum, one of the most amazing venues in Milwaukee.  The pops of bold color against the stark white walls made for a beautiful, fun contrast.  The weekend was filled with an energy like nothing I have ever seen!  There were elephants, street dancing, delicious food, and so many friends and loved ones to help celebrate!

I’m so honored that I was able to be a small part of this special time, and thankful for the opportunity!  I hope you enjoy just a small peek into Romil and Reena’s colorful and traditional wedding!


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