The Daddy Daughter First Look

March 24, 2020

The best part about planning your wedding is that you can do anything you want. It’s YOUR day and nothing should stop you from doing it in your own way!

There are a lot of different traditions that we’ve seen on wedding days, from gift-giving, to pre-ceremony prayers, to non-traditional First Looks, etc. If it means something to you, we are all for you including it on your wedding day!

The Daddy-Daughter First Look is for all the brides who have a sweet spot for their dad. I have to admit, these moments always make me a little teary-eyed! For a lot of dads, the time when he gets to see his daughter as a BRIDE is when everything feels real and it hits him… “My baby girl is getting married!!”

The daddy/daughter first look is a precious moment to photograph, and I highly encourage any daddy’s girl to make time for this. It doesn’t take long at all! The hardest and most important part is making sure dad shows up on time! If dad is late, the whole timeline can get thrown off and we could have to skip it, which we don’t want to do, so we just encourage you to let Dad know exactly when he needs to be ready.

Another amazing idea if you want to include Dad as much as possible in the events of the day is to have him escort you to your First Look!

No matter what you choose, every moment of your day will be so special and unique to you, and that is what’s most important! And of course, we’ll be there to capture every one of them.


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