Decorating for Spring On a Budget

March 11, 2020

After being with someone for 10+ years, you start to notice things about them. Things that make you smile, their weird quirks, bad habits and routines.

One of the things Adam has mentioned (many) times that he’s noticed about me is how often I change things in our home. Not major things, but small updates – rearranging the layout of our living room, switching out a rug, maybe adding a new bin here and there. I’ve actually redecorated my office more times than I can count.

I LOVE home decor and a change in seasons is the perfect excuse for me to make updates, and Adam can’t say a thing because it’s TOTALLY normal to do that! Right?! Spring is one of my FAVORITE season changes because it’s a clean slate. Open windows, fresh warm air, and new inspiration!

We live in an apartment so we’re slightly limited for what we can do, but I still have fun with giving our space a refresh! If you’re in a smaller space like us, you can definitely do this, too, and the best part is you don’t have to break the bank. When it comes to home decor, I like making small changes that create BIG results, so here are a few tips for how to do that!

(Link Joanna Gaines new Target collection for ideas from Apartment Therapy – perfect for small space living.)

Change Out Artwork/Photos

I have a really hard time choosing artwork for my walls. I’m picky and can’t always find exactly what I’m looking for. But I do love having framed photos around my house, and those are so easy to swap out with new photos! I recently created a gallery wall in my office and love how that turned out!

Throw Pillows & Blankets

I think this might be one of the easiest ways to change up a room! I have a slight problem with buying too many throw pillows, but I think it’s fun (and cheap!) to switch these up!

Plants & Florals

I have some type of greenery or flowers in every room in our house. Plants add a certain “warmth” to a home, which is perfect for the spring/summer season. Most of mine are fake because I’m not the BEST at keeping plants alive, but I will splurge and grab a fresh bouquet once in a while! I’ve had good luck finding cute fake plants at both Target and IKEA.

A Fresh Doormat

Our winter doormats get destroyed at our apartment from all the salt and maintenance around the building, so I love grabbing a new one for the spring season! Target has such cute options!


It’s rare that I don’t have a candle burning in my house! I’ll move into more floral/spa-like scents for spring. The Hearth & Hand collection at Target has some of my faves.

Here are a few images from my apartment!


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