Embracing Simple

January 14, 2020

Did you know….

That “Embracing Simple” is one of the top trends on Pinterest for 2020?! Not sure about you, but this grabbed my attention.

But at the same time, it’s a little vague, right?! I thought so too, but maybe that’s the goal…

Speaking of goals, you’re probably really tired of hearing about them by now, and that’s precisely why this email is NOT about goal-setting. So don’t archive me yet!

This is about a lifestyle. A simple lifestyle. And how to embrace it.

Living a life that’s simple, uncomplicated, and uncluttered isn’t a new thing, but I’m thinking we owe props to Marie Kondo for bringing it to our attention and capturing the masses with her philosophies.

I’ve followed her tips, executed her plan, and ended up with a home (and closet!) that just feels really good.

So I’m thinking, if we can apply this to our home, why not to our entirelives, as well?!

When I think of everything I do in a day, I can name at LEAST 3 things that I could simplify for myself, and end up getting more time to do the things that matter to me!

For me, that would be like:

  1. Not taking over an hour to do my makeup in the morning, so I can have a slow cup of coffee instead, focus my attention on my cute pup for a while, and then start work earlier and get more done that day. I think that sounds like a WIN!
  2. Finishing our goal to becoming totally debt-free (which has involved a whole lot of eliminating unnecessary things) so we can work towards our dream of buying a home (and feel really good about it!)

For me, embracing simple looks kind of like shifting priorities. Getting rid of the clutter that isn’t really doin’ a whole lot to move the needle forward for me, and replacing those things with life-changing, mood-improving, life-giving things. You know, the good stuff!

I’m really loving where this way of thinking is going, and encourage everyone to take a look at their days, or their weeks and see if there’s something that could be cut back on, or eliminated completely. I think if you try it, you’ll feel really good about it, too!!


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