Family Snow Tubing Day

February 11, 2020

If you know me well, you know I don’t like winter. I’ve always said that Wisconsin can feel free to kick me out at any time, because I’ve never been able to embrace the cold and the snow.

At the same time, being inside for 4-5 months straight gets pretty depressing so we’ve done our best to suck it up, put on a few layers and get out there. I also want to share as much of my personal life with you as possible, and this was a fun day with family so here it is!

The bold, neon colors in these images are going to completely throw off my blog aesthetic, but I’ll eventually get over that.

Both Adam and I have multiple older siblings and they all have at least one child, so we have quite a few nieces and nephews (soon to be 14 combined!) making our family quite a bit bigger than it ever used to be. We love it and we love spending time with them. Snow tubing is a yearly tradition on Adam’s side, and we haven’t always been able to go, but we had a perfect day for it and had a ton of fun! But I won’t lie, I’m REALLY looking forward to warm, sunny weather. Spring can arrive at ANY point, now!


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