Friday Five | Edition 4

June 7, 2019

Happy Friday, friends!

If you’re new to Friday Five, be sure to catch up on the first one before you dive in!

If you’re already familiar, here’s a recap of the things that have provided a little bit of life and positivity to our week!  Enjoy!

1. Adam & I got BIKES!  We’ve been rolling all around our neighborhood and aside from barre, this is my new favorite workout.  Not only does it speak to my inner child and bring back so many great memories, but it’s something Adam & I can do together.  Now, I just need to convince him to get a wagon for Wesley.

2. I started the renovating process of our second bedroom.  For the 11th time.  This room has bounced back and forth from spare bedroom (with an actual bed) to home office, then back to spare bedroom, then partial laundry room.  But I’ve missed having a space to call my own that I enjoy being in for long periods of time.  There’s nothing like a well-lit space with comfortable furniture for a long stretches of editing!  I’ll be posting our progress on Instagram, and will definitely share the finished space on the blog when it’s complete!

We’re keeping this short and sweet today, because we’ve got a free weekend with nice weather in our sights, so we’re going to go to take advantage.  We’ll be in the craziness of wedding season the rest of this month – come say hello and follow along on Instagram to keep up!!


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