Friday Five | Edition 5

July 26, 2019

Happy Friday, friends!

If you’re new to Friday Five, be sure to catch up on the first one before you dive in!

If you’re already familiar, here’s a recap of the things that have provided a little bit of life and positivity to our week!  Enjoy!

1. I have this thing where I redecorate my house ALL. THE. TIME.  Maybe you can relate?! It’s not that it really needs it, but it just feels good to give certain spaces a little refresh.

If you follow me on Instagram (hey, IG tribe!) you know I’ve been redoing my new office for a few months and promised to share progress.  You also know that this room has gone back and forth from a storage room to guest bedroom to an office, back to a guest bedroom and then finally BACK to my office.  And that is where it currently stands.

As my business and style has developed I’ve started to hone in what I truly want from this space and what I need it to feel like in order to spend mass amounts of time in it. Without going into too much detail (I’ll save that for another office-devoted post) I really need it to feel CALMING, light & airy, and cozy. And of course it needs to be functional.

Although I’m only about 75% done, here is a preview of a few details!  Enjoy!

2. We are halfway through our wedding season and had a chance to actually slow things down and spend some time relaxing and with family in July.  We are so grateful for this time to recharge, hang at the pool, and now we’ve switched back into gear for the second half, which we are SO excited for!

3. I shared this on Facebook so I’m sorry if you’ve seen it already, but I wanted to include it here, too.

This next photo is admittedly a little out of focus.  Our outfits aren’t perfectly coordinated (I threw mine on 30 seconds before taking this).  But you know what? I couldn’t care less, because Adam and I had the BEST time on a Wednesday evening running back and forth from my tripod to take this photo of us together.  A remote is something I should probably invest in, but for now, it’s our only way to get pictures of us on my “big” camera and share a little bit of ourselves with you.  We take thousands of pictures of others, but it’s so important to me that you see our faces and get to know who we are.  So, yes this photos isn’t perfectly crisp, but it makes me so incredibly happy to look at photos like this of us, and that’s what matters most.

I hope you have an amazing weekend!!


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