Friday Five | Edition 6

November 8, 2019

Oh gosh, Friday Five’s have seemingly disappeared the last few months during our busiest season, but that just means we have some BIG updates for you!!

If you’re new to Friday Five, be sure to catch up on the first one before you dive in!

If you’re already familiar, here’s a recap of the things that have provided a little bit of life and positivity to our week!  Enjoy!

1. I said this would be a weekly update, but really it’s more like a 4-month update.  Here’s a fun one from back in August – we were PUBLISHED! Pinch me, please.  This was a far-off goal that I never expected to reach this year, but we did, and I’m over the moon about it.  See Cliff & Hannah’s feature on Glittery Bride HERE!

2. We launched our new brand! Our design team at With Grace & Gold (AKA the talented angel babes that made all of this happen) are miracle workers.  That was a 6-month long process and it’s all live! Cue the confetti, and then hop on over to THIS POST to dig further into this one.

3. I reached the LAST year in my 20’s in September. I’m still not sure how I feel about that one (scratch that, I’m not happy at all) but I do know how I happy I am about Adam surprising me with a boat ride around Lake Geneva to celebrate that day. The BEST part? He secretly invited my family to join us.  Right at the time when I seriously missing them. That Adam, he is a true gem.

4. I now get to hang with my four-legged BFF in my home office every day, as I’m now officially a full-time photographer!  WHEW! There’s a lot behind this one, which I’ll save for another day, but just know how excited I am to put my whole heart & soul into this business and my couples. I am so, so ready for it.


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