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April 14, 2020

Florals are one of those pieces of a wedding day that makes my heart flutter. Walking into a ceremony & reception and seeing an abundance of greenery and fresh, fluffy flowers everywhere… it’s dreamy!

I know there are so many options and styles to choose from as a bride, which is why I put together this post for you today! I’m a firm believer in leaning on our industry leaders for their guidance and expertise, and florals are no exception.

Today, Sally with Milwaukee Flower Co. was kind enough to give us her recommendations for how to choose your wedding day florals! Thank you so much, Sally!! We appreciate you!

Keep reading to learn more about why Sally is so amazing!

I’m Sally Vander Wyst, I own Milwaukee Flower Co. We specialize in custom flower designs to tell a couples story through flowers. I am a boot- strapper extraordinaire and have built this business over the last seven years with shoe string budgets and lots of love being poured onto our awesome couples’ designs.

Things that make me happy: (in no particular order) a ton of roses / a well executed plan / sunshine / the woods / the color yellow / romance / campfires / late nights / white and green flowers / clean sheets / first cup of coffee.

I love all things wedding. I could talk to our couples for hours about all the details and what they hope for the day. The absolute best part on a wedding day is seeing my clients faces light up when they see their design come to life. My ideal client is hosting an elegant, black tie, timeless party for their favorite people.

I like to think of ourselves as joy makers. Flowers have such a wonderful power to bring joy through not just a visual aspect, but also with scent. I am obsessed with finding the perfect flowers of the season that remind me of my couple, in hopes that their guests will see that too!

Funny story… I got my start in flowers at grocery stores. It’s been a long, winding road to luxury flower design but my biggest takeaway from the grocery flower game is flexibility, grit and hustle. Those are important skills on a wedding day when anything can happen. Back in the grocery store days, I would be designing someone’s wedding flowers and a customer would ask me “where are the bananas?”, and then a truck would show up with more flowers that needed to get out onto the showroom floor. The adaptability to different situations made me the logistics fanatic I am today.

Wedding Day Tips for Brides: How to Choose Your Florals

Tip #1: Take a cue from what your living space looks and feels like or the dream home you envision. Another great place to look for inspiration is your closet. When meeting with clients for the first time I can tell at first glance what their wedding style should be based on their outfits, polished and fitted or comfortable and easy!

Tip #2: Hire a Planner: Planning can be fun and stressful all at the same time. When spending money on your wedding, it pays to have your vision executed by an expert who sees the big picture and is able to pull it all together. Make sure you hire someone with the experience to complement the scale of your event.

Tip #3: Find the right florist! Choose a designer with a shared sense of style. Peruse their portfolio and make sure it matches yours.

Here is a link to Sally’s work!

Tip #4: Trust the Expert! Hire a flower design expert and let them run with your vision. A knowledgeable florist will execute your vision beyond your wildest dreams. A little trust goes a long way!

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