How I Organize Family Recipes

February 27, 2020

If you know me you might be thinking, “Really Katie? You don’t like to cook and you’re blogging about recipes?!” And to that I’d say… you’re right. But stick with me, because this really isn’t about the recipes themselves!!

I don’t love to cook, but when I do cook I’m all about using tried and true recipes that have been handed down to me by family. Since it’s not a hobby I love to indulge in, I’m not all that adventurous with it and would rather make a meal that I know will actually turn out!!

I’ve started collecting quite a few recipes over the years and once in a while when I’m visiting my parents will take photos of my mom’s recipe cards and re-write them on my own note cards so I have a copy. Not only does this give me ideas for future meals, but I also feel like it’s a piece of her that she’s sharing with me, and that’s special.

I’ve been pretty good about sticking to the same format with my recipes – always writing them on a 3×5 or 4×6 note card. I also write where they came from… i.e. “Nana’s Chicken & Rice” (Nana is my mom, that’s what all the grandkids call her).

Note cards were great but they needed a home so I didn’t lose track of them. There are a million different ways you can organize recipes but I wanted something where I could keep the note cards as-is. Some of them aren’t written by me, they’re either my mom’s or grandma’s hand writing so I wanted to keep them that way. I also wanted something that I could continuously add to.

Enter: The Emily Ley Simplified Recipe Binder

I saw this binder originally on Instagram – I believe shared by Hope Taylor?!

It ended up being perfect for me. It’s a traditional 3-ring binder and I think you can order it with sheet protectors, but I didn’t. I went to Office Depot and picked up a few packs of sheet protectors sized for note cards. Each recipe has its own slot, and I even got a few full-page protectors for the recipes that we printed from the internet on an 8×10 piece of paper. The binder is big so it has LOTS of space to add more cards, which I love! And, it’s also an adorable design.

The only downside is that for a binder, it isn’t cheap. You can definitely pick up a plain 3-ring binder from Target for much less and it would accomplish the same thing, but this one has the category tabs that organize the recipes by type, so I suppose that’s my justification for paying more! Ha!

If you love organization like I do and are looking for a solution for your mess of recipes, check this out!


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