How to Keep the Morning of your Wedding on Schedule

July 20, 2021

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I’m a wedding & senior portrait photographer from WI who loves big laughs, sunshine and puppy snuggles. I'm armed with coffee on the daily and a heart for capturing joyful moments.


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After photographing dozens and dozens of weddings, we notice certain patterns! Things that happen quite often, and when I see those things, I start to make mental notes of them so I can continue to educate and make suggestions!

The timeline of a wedding day is something that I typically love having input on. Think of it this way, you’ve hired me, meaning you’ve invested in your wedding photography! I want to make sure that we get to know each other, so you can have an incredible experience with me and have the wedding photos you’ve always dreamed of. In order to do that, there are certain things that need to happen throughout the wedding day, and it’s part of my job to communicate what those things are! A LOT of them have to do with the timeline.

I love working with my couples to create a day-of timeline that stress-free AND allows for enough time to get the portraits they want. If I didn’t do that, we might end up with a bride that wants tons & tons of gorgeous portraits in multiple locations, but only 10 minutes to make it happen. That just doesn’t work! So I’ve found it’s best to give my suggestions for what we need to make that happen.

But there is one part of the day that we commonly see get thrown off, the timeline gets behind, and the bride starts getting stressed…

It’s the very first part! The time of the day right before the bride & bridesmaids get into their dress. Especially if you have a very large bridal party with a lot of girls that need to get ready.

And I totally get it, all of the girls want to look great, makeup to be just right, hair to be perfect… it makes sense! But imagine this scenario…

The bride needs to get into her dress by 3:00pm. She bought all of her bridesmaids cute robes to wear for a “robe shot” with champagne, and it’s going to be super fun! (that shot only takes a few minutes and I love it!) but two of the girls are still getting their hair & makeup done… pretty soon, 30 minutes have passed and we haven’t gotten the bride dressed yet. The First Look time is coming up soon, and all portraits are afterwards. The bride starts getting worried that we’re behind…

This happens quite often, but there is a really, super easy way to prevent it!

Once you have your timeline, take a peek at the time when it says “Katie photographs bride getting into her dress”. If that is at 3:00pm, let your hair & makeup team (as well as your bridesmaids) know that all girls need to be done with hair & makeup by 2:45pm. We can get everyone together for the robe shot, and the bride will be getting into her dress right on time! This makes everyone happy – bride & bridesmaids because they’ll look their BEST for portraits, the hair & makeup team because they’ll know when everyone needs to be ready so they don’t have to rush to finish everyone, and photographer! Because we can get you all the portraits you want!

It’s a win-win, the girls all get to look their best, and the bride can make it to her First Look on-time!

Hey! I'm Katie!

This is where I share not only my work and show off my sweet couples, but also (many) pieces of my life. I'm an open book when it comes to talking about things I love, current obsessions, my cute pup, and my amazing hubby, so I hope you love reading about it! Also, you'll find quite a few resources for planning the wedding you've always dreamed of, so grab yourself a latte and start exploring!

-cheers, Katie

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