How to Know you Found your Ideal Photographer

May 5, 2020

Once you’ve decided on your date and reserved your venue, it’s time to book your photographer! If you place a high value on your wedding photos (which we always hope for!) you know how important it is to find a photographer you love! Not just a stranger that will show up and take a few pretty photos, but a trusted friend that cares just as much about your day as you do.

If you’ve been searching for a while, it might feel like finding a needle in a haystack, so I’m hoping I can give you a little peace of mind today!

After serving dozens of couples and spending a lot of time in the industry, I’ve learned that there are a few signs to knowing you’ve found a photographer that’s a really good fit for you…

They’re someone you would grab coffee and catch up with!

You feel like they could be a long lost friend, and even if you weren’t considering hiring them, you know you would get along so well! You’ve learned from following them on Instagram that you have a few similar hobbies, binge the same Netflix shows, you’re both majorly obsessed with your dog, and can’t go without your morning cup of coffee. Or, maybe you even have a connection – a mutual friend, or you went to the same high school! That’s a really great thing!

You have the same values & beliefs.

Maybe you’ve been following along with their business journey for a while, and have browsed their website to see more of what they’re really about. The deep stuff that really matters. You trust and respect them and have the same priorities. They’ve shared their story and the heart behind why they love what they do and it sounds wonderful.

You absolutely love their work.

You get that warm, happy feeling every time you see their work! You love scrolling through their portfolio and can see yourself in their images. Their posing, editing style, and aesthetic are exactly what you pictured for your own wedding day! You feel relieved and excited about this.

These are the things we always hope for with our clients. We always want to connect with couples on a personal level, for us to have a connection, and have them fall head-over-heels in love with our work!

These are the keys to having a successful relationship and experience for our brides, and I hope they help you make this big decision! We are so excited for you and this new season and know your wedding day is going to be an absolute dream! We’re cheering for you through every step of the planning process and wish you nothing but the best!!!


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