How to Plan for Bridal Prep on Your Wedding Day

March 12, 2020

There’s a really special window of time on a wedding day. The time when the bride is with her girls before everything begins. They’re preparing for the day, getting their hair & makeup done, bridesmaids are helping the bride relax & wrap up any final to-do’s. The bride is excited for what’s to come, and is enjoying being pampered before she finally gets to step into her wedding dress.

I consider the ‘Bridal Prep’ time from when hair & makeup begins, to when the bride is getting into her dress and making final touches – putting on jewelry, fastening the veil, etc.

I love this time. I love seeing everyone, especially the bride, get excited for the day! But I also know that if brides haven’t prepared for this time of day – communicating timelines to her hair & makeup artists and setting expectations for family & the bridal party, it can be the furthest thing from enjoyable. This part of the day can become stressful REALLY quick, but it does NOT have to be!!

There are certain things a couple can do to set themselves up for a morning of fun & relaxation, so I’m here to share some tips!

TIP #1: Make sure you have a final timeline for when you need to start getting into your dress. For our timelines, the time where it says “Katie photographs bride getting into dress” is when your hair & makeup should be 100% complete.

TIP #2: Send your timeline to your Hair & Makeup Artist so they can plan for when they need to be DONE with hair & makeup, and when they need to start. Your hair & makeup artists know how long it takes them to do their job for each person, so they will be the experts on this part. Hair & makeup should be done (for everyone, ideally) by the time you need to start getting in your dress!! That way, your girls can help you and you’ll have photos of everyone dressed & ready helping you with the details.

TIP #3: Share this timeline with bridesmaids & moms so they all know and feel prepared, too! Getting into your dress as a bride is surreal and magical and it’s a special time between you and whoever you choose to have help you with this part (mom, MOH, etc.) They’ll be able to help you with final touches, zipping up the dress, putting in hair pieces and fastening bracelets, putting on shoes). I LOVE to photograph these things, so we always recommend to wait to put on these details until we’re ready to photograph it!

What we see happen quite often is that moms tend to want to help with last minute to-do’s in the morning, but then it comes time for mom to help get the bride into her dress, and because she’s been helping with other things, she’s not ready yet. Just be sure to communicate when you need them to be ready so you don’t get off track and feel rushed or stressed.

TIP #4: Relax knowing we’ll only get the BEST photos of you getting into your dress when your dress is on and final touches are being done! I will guide you through exactly what to do and how to pose so you look stunning! Some brides mention that they feel self conscious about this part, and I completely understand that. I start taking photos when the dress is already on, and we’ll just capture the last 2% of the last few buttons and final details so you’re fully comfortable, looking gorgeous and feeling great!!


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