Two Ideal Wedding Day Timelines

November 5, 2019

You’re engaged, you’re excited! Your mind is probably racing with all that needs to be done.  It’s an amazing time for you! But it can also be stressful and overwhelming. You’re planning the day you’ve been anticipating your whole life, yet you only get one chance at it! That’s a LOT of pressure!

My goal as a wedding photographer is always to make this one aspect of the process simple. Photography is more than just pretty images, it’s a real part of your day. Not only do you deserve beautiful photos, you also deserve an amazing experience. The goal of this free guide is to help you plan your timeline in a way that will allow you to get the MOST out of your day from a photography standpoint, and relax & enjoy yourselves at the same time!

I know the timeline isn’t the most exciting aspect of the planning process, but this is the one thing that can make or break your photography! We always get questions about how we handle our couples’ timelines, so I thought hey, why not give MORE couples this gift of a sample ideal wedding day timeline so they can experience the peace of mind we know it provides! I have so much confidence in these timelines, and I’m EXCITED for you to have them!

This guide includes an ideal wedding day timeline for two different scenarios! Our ideal timelines are based off of a wedding day that includes a First Look! Most of our couples choose to do a First Look, for so many reasons! After you’ve read through this guide, take a peek around the blog to read more about why we love the First Look!

I hope you find this helpful! Enjoy this exciting time, and get ready for lots of fun things ahead!

SO, are you ready for your freebie?!



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