The KS Rebrand

October 22, 2019

POP THE CHAMPAGNE! Because our new Brand, new Website, new Blog, everything is live!

And oh my goodness, I’m so glad you’re here and I’m excited for you to see this!

I want to walk you through the different elements, colors, textures, fun things that make up this brand, but first, I think there are a few really important things to tell you.

So, first thing’s first, here’s why this rebrand is important…

As we’ve grown personally and in this industry and expanded our business, we realized our online presence needed to do the same. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be representing ourselves in the BEST way possible. But before I dove into this project, I went old-school and wrote down my goals for the rebrand:

  1. It needed to feel like me.  As weird as that sounds. I wanted everything about this brand to represent what we value, believe, and love. The copy needed to be true and real, and like I was sitting there having a conversation over lattes with my clients. The colors (oh, were these a pain point) needed to align with my personal style. I could go on and on, but I put my trust in my designer to take my brand (AKA me) and visually bring it to life.
  2. It needed to showcase the quality of our work, and just as importantly, our Wedding Experience in a way that allows us to engage with our KS Brides.
  3. I wanted it to feel like home. A place where future brides can grab a latte, relax and browse through our blog and latest weddings. Where they can get to know me personally. Because that is what the foundation of my business is built on – connecting with our brides on a deep level and forming relationships with them that go far beyond the wedding day.

So, here’s what the KS Rebrand represents…

Joyful, Clean, Classic.  These are the words to describe our style and our brand!

Consistency and purpose.  Every word on every page is true to me and my beliefs in hopes that our KS Brides will not only fall in love with our work, but with us as well!

Our mission…

Our heart & mission is to provide joyful couples with beautiful, timeless images and an experiences that will last a lifetime.

For colors, we landed on a calm blue, light shades of beige, dusty roses, and plenty of white space for our images to POP.  When it came to patterns, I was really skeptical and anxious that I wouldn’t love ANY pattern (I’m a simple kind of girl) but the simple, coastal stripes compliment our brand and dont compete or distract!

The blog is something I’m probably MOST excited about, and my designers and I chatted about how important it was that we got this part right! The blog isn’t just a place to read updates on what we’re doing (although it’s great for that, too!) but it’s a place where our clients go to learn what they can expect from us.  It’s where we highlight our couples with their wedding day stories and engagement sessions.  People get to know us there and learn about us on a deeper level.

In a nutshell, our blog is the engine that drives our business!

The design of our blog is completely unique and has a layout that our designer has never created before! We made sure that the images were large, the layout wasn’t too complex, and you can see at-a-glance our latest work, plus a few favorite posts as you scroll down the page!! I absolutely love it!!

Finally, the biggest THANK YOU and 10,000 virtual hugs go out to my design team, With Grace & Gold. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for bringing this to life.  And for their patience with my extreme pickiness. They handled each and every one of my requests (and there were many) with grace and the result is more than I could have ever dreamed of.

I hope you enjoy every piece of our new design!  I’d actually LOVE to hear your thoughts!  If you have 30 seconds, do me a huge favor and leave a comment here or send an email to with what you think of our new brand!!


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