A Winter Engagement in Oak Creek

January 16, 2020

And just like that, another winter shoot is in the books! This January is actually a much busier month than normal for us! We typically don’t have many sessions outside of the normal April – October season in Wisconsin, but it’s been so fun to get out there (with lots of layers!!) and meet some of our sweet couples already!!

I knew right away when we started planning Erin & Jackson’s engagement that it was going to be amazing. Erin’s attention to detail and focus on creating the perfect outfits for this shoot made me SO excited.

She also mentioned that one of the locations she wanted to shoot in is where they’ve walked their dog in the past (fellow dog lovers!) which happens to be just a few minutes from where we live!

Winter engagement sessions in the midwest are no walk in the park (well, this one kind of was!) but they are typically pretty chilly, but Jackson and Erin were so great, and rocked their entire shoot! I have so much respect for a couple that looks THIS good in 35 degrees!!

Their session left me thinking, “If their engagement session was this amazing, I can’t imagine how incredible their wedding will be!” Erin & Jackson, we are SO excited for your September wedding! It’s going to be a dream!


  1. Todd Chesbro says:

    Sooooo many awesome pictures here! You guys look so cute together. Love them! Love you guys. Should be an amazing day. Can’t wait!

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