One Special Detail to Have on Your Wedding Day

December 20, 2018

We were walking through the Domincan Republic airport, glowing from a week of sand & sun and the most amazing 8 days with just the two of us.  Our honeymoon in Punta Cana was exactly what we wanted – relaxation, no plans, and unlimited food & drinks.  After 2 years of wedding planning, those 8 days felt like Heaven on Earth.

We had already checked our bags and were walking towards Customs.  It was crowded.  Lines formed in every direction while airport officials directed travelers, meticulously searched bags and hurried everyone along.

I’ve never worried about this process.  After all, I am a very meticulous packer.  I check and follow all TSA regulations, separate all of my liquids, and keep my most valuable possessions with me at all times.  I had this process down to a science!

We reached the front of the line and guided our bags onto the conveyor belt to be scanned.  Everything was by the books and going fine!

Until it wasn’t.

I got through the metal detectors, and the TSA officials stopped me.  They searched through the bin where I placed my liquids, opened the small plastic bag, and examined the one thing that meant more to me than anything else I had packed.

He pulled out my perfume.  My wedding day perfume.

Communication was a struggle, but I eventually deduced that the TSA agent was saying I could not bring my perfume on the plane.

I couldn’t understand why.  I still don’t.  It was under regulation size and was in the clear plastic bag.  I did everything right!

But they said no.  So it didn’t matter.

The worst part was that we had already checked our other bags.  So my only option?  To throw away the perfume.

The perfume that I used on my wedding day, and that with one sniff brought me back to the best day of my life.  But just like that, it was tossed into the trash.

The reason for this story goes back to my intention of giving all of my sweet brides the experience that I would want if I were in her shoes.  As a photographer, I love and serve brides like I would want to be loved & served on my own wedding day, going above and beyond in every way possible.

Adam and I have no regrets about our own wedding day.  It was exactly as we wanted at the time, so it was perfect to us.  And although I wouldn’t change anything, there were some things that I didn’t do that day simply because I didn’t realize it was a thing, or because I didn’t realize it would mean that much years later.

One of those things was having photographs of my getting ready details.  Yes, I decided to skip those (what was I thinking?!)  I have no photos in my wedding album of my earrings, rings, or necklace.  I opted out of having photos of my dress, and my bouquet, and…. you guessed it, my special Chanel perfume.  The one that I bought just for that day because it represented being a bride for that one day.

I spent so much time choosing these these details because they were part of what made that day special.  But I don’t have the memories of them.  And I wouldn’t want that for any of my brides.

One special part of these photos is that in 20 years, when it’s hard to remember the small parts of the day, like what your jewelry looked like, or which perfume you wore, you’ll have photos of them to look back on.  Something to show your grandkids so they can see what you wore on your biggest day.  They will love that, and so will you!

Or, maybe you plan to wear something of major significance.  Maybe it’s your grandmother’s necklace that she wore on her wedding day.  Or maybe it’s a piece of fabric from your mom’s dress that you’ve sewn into your own.  No matter what it is, it’s significant to you and your big day, and it’s so important to have these photos & memories for years to come!!

So trust me when I say, bring your special perfume to have photographed in your getting ready room!  Because some day you won’t have it anymore, but because of these photos, you will always have the memory of it.


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