Our New Gallery System

April 11, 2019

I am so excited about today’s post!  If you remember this post from a while back, you know how much I believe in systems, and growing those systems as you grow your business.

Not only is it important for your own workflow (and sanity) it’s a crucial part of providing a next-level experience for clients.

I’ve always loved the way we provide our final galleries to our clients, which has always been online.  We do this because that’s the way I would want to receive my images if I was a bride.

This has worked great.  But recently I heard about a new company that has been making waves within the photography industry…

CloudSpot has carved it’s way into one of the most-loved (and raved about) gallery systems available.  After a lot of research, trial, consideration, and trust in the recommendation of others in the industry, I’m proud to say that Katie Schubert Photography has made the transition!

All of our client galleries have been transitioned to CloudSpot, and the response from our clients has been so incredibly positive.  I truly believe in this company and their values, capabilities, and vision for their clients.

It has all of the capabilities of our previous system – you can of course download your images, share them, and print directly from your gallery!

But CloudSpot just makes everything… simpler.

For example:

  • Images save immediately to your desktop or mobile time – there’s no wait time!
  • Images are organized and displayed beautifully within a gallery
  • This is more of an advantage for me personally, but CloudSpot allows me to have multiple galleries within an event.  This is amazing for my “Family 2019” event, where I can have a separate gallery for different things, like a birthday party or a bridal shower where I want to share only those images with specific people.  It’s a game changer!

We are so excited for how this new system will elevate our client experience even further!


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