Quarantine Life – Volume 2

May 13, 2020

Some people love to cook, some love running, others spend time in the garden, writing in a journal, or DIY-ing projects around their house.

I love taking photos of my family. That’s my “thing”, and it always has been. There isn’t really another hobby that makes me happier than documenting these memories, and sharing them with the people I love most.

I consider myself lucky to have a job and a favorite hobby that are one and the same. It means I hit the jackpot, career-wise. I never, ever question if I truly love what I do professionally, and it’s a confidence that I’m really glad to have.

I also love connecting my work with my personal life by sharing as much of it as possible with you. Some people might find that strange or they don’t really get why it matters, but I find it absolutely necessary. Just imagine if I was a photographer who didn’t care to get to know my clients, didn’t know anything about their personal life and they didn’t know about mine. I would show up to photograph them, and it would be awkward, uncomfortable, and there would be no trust. No connection…

No, instead, I want this to be something much, much more. I want people to know about my 14 nieces and nephews, my obsession with my dog (and all dogs, really), my requirement of having 1 cup of coffee daily no matter the circumstance, my dream of building a house in the country someday, and everything else in between.

We’ve had two new babies and one puppy join our family over the last few months, taken about 4,592 walks by now, baked WAY too many cookies, and I’m up to 3 haircuts given to my poor husband. To be fair, I’m actually not that bad at it. But I also hope the salons open up soon because I’d rather shelf that skill for now, LOL.

We may be in quarantine, but I’ve loved pulling out my camera during this time. Someday, when these memories have faded just a little, it’s going to be fun to have these posts to look back on!

If you missed the first one, you can find that here!

Meet Leo! Our new little fur-nephew. We made an impromptu trip to my parent’s house and got to meet him! He’s a cute little fluff ball.

Seriously, he’s being dramatic. I’ve almost perfected the GQ-inspired hair style.

Wesley has officially learned to nap sitting up.

This is our newest nephew! We didn’t expect to meet him yet but I’m so glad we did!

Round 10 of cookie baking. You know I really don’t love to cook, but I do enjoy baking for some reason. Maybe due to my love of desserts, of any kind.


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