The Importance of a Go-To “Person” On Your Wedding Day

May 10, 2019

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If I’ve learned anything from planning my own wedding and being involved in so many others, it is this:

You can plan everything perfectly, with laser precision, and on a wedding day, there is likely going to be at least one small thing that doesn’t go as planned and stresses you out.

It just happens!  And rather than scare you, I find it’s best that brides are aware of this to begin with so they can plan for how they’re going to handle it.

The biggest and best piece of advice I can offer for dealing with unexpected hiccups is to have a “person”.

Your person is the one you can count on, from helping you setup your table decor the night before, to directing the cleaning crew after everyone leaves.

You can think of them as your right hand on your wedding day.

That should give you the biggest most amazing sigh of relief!  Having that person with you on your big day will be such a stress-reliever for you as a bride.

Here are just a few ways they can help!

Keeping the bridal party on track

Most people don’t realize this, but the one thing that can knock your timeline right off its track is your bridal party.  It’s likely that at least one of your bridesmaids will take a little longer than expected to have her makeup done, or won’t be able to find a shoe.  It’s normal!  But what can be a HUGE help is having your person keep the bridal party moving and on schedule so that they’re all able to focus more on getting you ready and in your dress!

Enjoying the moment without worrying about logistics

The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is making sure the florals show up on time, or calling the limo because there was a change in plans.  It’s amazing to have someone to hand that off to, so you can enjoy your day!

Wrangling family members for portraits

Family portrait time one of the most challenging parts of the day for a photographer.  After the ceremony, family members can get caught in the moment, distracted by what’s going on, and walk away somewhere – right before we need them for family portraits!  Instead of you and your groom having to hunt down Aunt Sally because you’re the only one who knows what she looks like, it’s so helpful to assign your person to work us to grab all of the family members needed for portraits.  After all, it speeds everything up if everyone is already on deck!

You can count on them for anything!

Forgot your lip gloss in the room next door?  Need a quick glass of water to calm your nerves?  Your person is there for you.  They love you and realize this day is about you, so they want it to be just as special as you do.  They’ll be there for the little things so you aren’t running around stressing out.

Spend more time enjoying your day with your husband and less time worrying about everyone else

If it’s in your nature to be a “planner” and also a “people pleaser” (raising my hand over here) you might find that you’re tempted to worry about everything and everyone else before yourself.  That’s not a bad thing, it shows how much you care.  But on your wedding day, one of my biggest suggestions to you as a bride is to let all of that go.  Let the stress of worrying about everyone else’s happiness go.  Don’t worry about if they’re getting seated at the ceremony fast enough.  Or if a bridesmaid has a small stain on her shoe.  Those are things that other people can take care of for you.  This day is about YOUR happiness and you should spend every second of it soaking it up with your new spouse!!  It’s your day – enjoy it!!!

Hey! I'm Katie!

This is where I share not only my work and show off my sweet couples, but also (many) pieces of my life. I'm an open book when it comes to talking about things I love, current obsessions, my cute pup, and my amazing hubby, so I hope you love reading about it! Also, you'll find quite a few resources for planning the wedding you've always dreamed of, so grab yourself a latte and start exploring!

-cheers, Katie

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