The Importance of Bride & Groom Portraits

March 2, 2020

It’s no secret that Bride & Groom portraits have my heart. They’re one of my favorite parts of a wedding day and as you can see from ANY wedding blog post of mine, something I feel passionately about.

I’m confident that the majority of our couples fall in love with our work and end up booking us because they have the same priorities as we do – they want beautiful details of their day, and authentic, joyful portraits of themselves. We place a high level of importance on these portraits and I want to tell you why.

From the first time we chat about our process, to reviewing a couple’s timeline, I am always thinking about bride & groom photos and making sure these remain a priority. I like to have as MUCH time as a couple will give me for these portraits. For example, a 15-minute First Look, which leads to about 30+ minutes of portraits right afterwards, and then later in the day with their Husband & Wife sunset portraits (another 15 minutes or so!) If you’re doing the math, that’s about one hour just for the bride & groom.

The first reason I love having this time is because I love to have variety with these portraits. We’re usually in different spaces & locations throughout the day, and I love delivering galleries that are FULL of variety for the bride & groom. Not only does this make for AMAZING album spreads for them, but I just love getting creative this way.

I also want my couples to have a lot of different options to choose from. I’m not naive to the fact that just because I fell in love with a specific photo from the day, doesn’t mean that one is my bride’s favorite, too. She might have a different one that she loves from a different location, and that’s perfectly fine! That’s another reason why I take so many – it’s a guarantee our brides will have images THEY love and want to frame!!

That leads me to the last reason. I know that every part of the wedding day is important, from getting ready to the ceremony to dinner & dancing.

But I also know that there are certain parts of a wedding gallery that are fun to look through once (reception dancing) and there are certain parts that will live in their album and on their walls in their home FOREVER. The photos our couples are proud to display and to show to their future children & grandchildren. The ones that are their legacy.

Bride & Groom photos are that legacy. They embody the joy & love from their wedding day, and they represent their love & commitment to each other throughout their marriage. That’s why we love them so much. I love every photo from mine and Adam’s wedding, but the photos of us together are the pages from our album that I love the most, and I want our couples to experience that, too.


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