The Reason Why I don’t Watermark My Images

September 13, 2018

As a new photog, one would think I would try to do anything and everything to get my work out there.  I should shout my name from the social media rooftops in hopes that it starts to spread like wildfire.

At the very least, I would want to receive credit for my work.  Right?!

That’s right.  And although I may not literally shout at people on Facebook, it is important that I strategically reach the right audience with content that they find helpful, useful, or just really pretty.  And if I can do that the right way at the right time, they juuuust might love it enough to share it with their own network, which sparks the little fire we were hoping for.

Now imagine that you take a gorgeous image that you’re incredibly proud of.  Your clients love it as well and share it on their Facebook page (success!).  But, they don’t mention your name.  Anywhere.  No tag, mention, or credit of any sort.

This happens more than you might think, and it’s a gut-wrenching feeling for the photographer who took the photo and didn’t get credit.  After all, where’s the magic in your work being shared if nobody knows it’s your work?!

I think a lot of photographers fear this exact scenario, and is one of the main reason they decide to watermark their images.

But, I don’t.  Say whaaaat?!

Here’s why:

It lessens overall quality of the image.

To me, my image doesn’t look as great with text or a logo smack dab in the middle of it.  It’s like putting a bumper sticker on a Mercedes.  It just doesn’t look right.

It distracts the eye from the subject – my client! 

Why spend time finding lead lines and creating composition just to stamp a logo on it?!  I find it incredibly distracting and draws attention away from my beautiful clients.

People are MORE likely to share a beautiful photo if it doesn’t have a watermark.

Yep, that’s right.  This is a BIG one and really the main goal.  Share ability.

I don’t watermark any of my images, and I don’t require photo credit from my clients.  I’ll never claim that’s the only way to do things, but for the reasons listed above, it’s how I’ve chosen to market my images.

I hope you’ have found this bit of insight useful!  If you liked this post, don’t forget to check out more posts in the Ask Katie segment, like ‘5 TIPS FOR BEAUTIFUL WEDDING DAY PHOTOS‘!


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