Considering an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

February 6, 2020

Imagine this for a second… it’s 5 minutes before the ceremony is set to begin. Your groom is waiting for you at the altar. He’s excited and can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle.

The guests are seated, the processional music begins to play, and the bridal party walks out. You wait patiently, and everyone stands… the music is beautiful, you take a few steps forward and your almost-husband sees you. You look back at him as you walk toward each other. This is a moment you will remember forever. One you’ll never experience again. You want it to be perfect.

You take a few steps down the aisle, when all of the sudden, Great Aunt Sally leans over into the aisle in front of you, cell phone in hand, and begins to fill her phone with photos of this moment. We know that she means absolutely no harm, she just want to remember this, too!! But there’s a good chance that at the exact time she leaned over into the aisle, your photographer, who was perfectly positioned to get that gorgeous shot of you walking toward your groom, instead had Aunt Sally’s hands holding her cell phone in the middle of the shot.

Now, I don’t say any of this to scare you, OR to criticize any family members on wedding days!! We LOVE our couples’ families and we know how much they love being there, supporting you, and loving you on your special day!! It’s part of what makes weddings so amazing, being surrounded and sharing it with the ones you love most!

I say this because now that everyone has a cell phone with a camera, this situation has become a very real possibility! One that is almost impossible for us to prevent, or to fix once it happens! We have just a few precious moments to get that epic portrait of a bride walking down the aisle, and we want it to be perfect just as much as you do!  But no matter how much we prepare and perfectly position ourselves, cell phones and personal cameras can be detrimental to that portrait! I know this, because it happened to me as a bride on my own wedding day.

That’s why we LOVE the idea of an unplugged ceremony. These have become more and more popular, not just because they prevent occurrences like the one I just described, but because they invite guests to be fully present during your ceremony! After all, it’s just a small part of the day, but it means SO much. When guests aren’t focused on getting their own photos (we promise, we’ll take GREAT ones they can later enjoy!!) they can focus on the bride and groom and everything happening!

Whew, if you’ve made it through all that, I’m impressed! For those of you who want just a quick summary, here it is:

  1. You’ve put precious time and MONEY into your wedding day! You’ve gone to great lengths to make them special, memorable, and luxurious. Cell phones don’t do wedding days justice. They tend to ruin the vibe and don’t capture it in a way that you’ll want to remember forever.
  2. An unplugged ceremony is like insurance – you won’t risk destroying the portraits of your most precious moments – walking down the aisle, the ceremony kiss, your groom’s reaction to seeing you, etc.)
  3. Cell phone photos tend to say on cell phones, anyway. They get lost in the cloud, never to surface again.
  4. Guests won’t be distracted by their phones at an unplugged ceremony. They’ll pay more attention and interact more with what’s going on.

There are so many different ways to do an unplugged ceremony, and we couldn’t love the idea more!!


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