Things to Bring to Your Getting Ready Room

July 16, 2019

The whole wedding day begins with DETAILS! This is one of my favorite parts of the day for a few reasons.  1. You spent so much time choosing these items, so it’s important that we get beautiful photos of ALL of it!  How cool would it be to have a photo of your great grandma’s jewelry from her wedding day?!  2. It allows me to prepare for the day and get my creative juices flowing.  I shoot details in a way that showcases the style of the entire wedding day, so in a way, it sets the stage for the WHOLE look of the wedding day!  I love having plenty of time to style, design, and shoot everything from your invitation suite to grandma’s hankerchief!

I always ask my brides to gather any details they have before I arrive so that I can walk in, say hello and give them a BIG hug and then begin with all the details! Below you’ll find some of the most common details I shoot that can be used as a reminder of what things to have on hand in your getting ready room!


Have the bouquet delivered to your room before the ceremony so that we can use it for details & portraits!  It’s also really helpful and creates beautifully styled details if you ask your florist to send along a few loose florals! It helps keep the look of your detail images consistent!

The Rings (all 3!)

I love using all 3 rings in unique ways to create beautiful detail images!  Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to get them back to the best man before the ceremony!

Invitation Suite

This is the one that’s probably the most commonly forgotten, but it is such an important piece of the day!


This may seem obvious, but if you can make sure to have the dress ready, I can get some gorgeous styled photos of it, which look so chic in your blog post and are a great memory to look back on!

Veil/Hair pieces

I love using the details of the veil – they always create a perfectly simple backdrop and give the images some texture, as well.  If you have something unique that you’ll be wearing in your hair, be sure to have that available as well!


These look so beautiful and are a big piece of your bridal details!  Don’t forget to have them handy!


Have you picked out a special perfume for your big day?!  We talked more in detail about this in THIS POST.  Read all about why I think this is such an important element!

Extra Elements

There could be things that aren’t listed here, but are important or unique to the overall theme of your day! For example, if you’re having a country themed wedding, you could grab a piece of burlap.  If it’s a rustic wedding, maybe save a small piece of wood for me to use when I’m shooting your rings.  This truly makes for consistent detail images!!


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