Why I Use CloudSpot to Deliver Photos to Clients

May 20, 2020

I’m going to start this post with a really bold statement:

I can’t imagine running my business and serving my clients in the best way possible without CloudSpot.

I told you… bold! But it’s true! Once I’m done editing and putting final touches on my client’s images, I deliver their galleries to them online, and CloudSpot is what I use to do that.

I’ve used other systems in the past, and they were okay. But when CloudSpot became available and everyone in the industry started talking about how amazing it was, I switched over right away and haven’t looked back since. Not only is it easy for me to use (so important!) but it’s also exactly how I would want to receive my photos if I was a client or a bride, and that’s another BIG reason why I love it so much.

I could just list out the benefits and cool features it has, but instead, I think you should imagine for a second that YOU are a client that hired a photographer. They’ve photographed your session or wedding day, and you’re excited to get your photos back! Then, one day…

  1. You get that magical email from them and it says your photos are READY! YAY! You click the link and enter your online gallery. Your images are beautiful and they’re all at your fingertips! No need to worry about keeping track of a flash drive. You immediately start downloading all of the photos you love most to your phone or computer (or both!!)
  2. Then, you notice how organized your gallery is! Everything is separated into folders for different parts of the day (preceremony, First Look, bride & groom portraits, etc.) so you don’t have to search for hours for that one photo you want to share. Win!
  3. You know that your mom, sister, best friends and new in-laws are going to want these photos ASAP! In your gallery, the sharing opportunities are easy and endless! You can email the entire gallery to whoever you like so they can see and download any images they want!
  4. You’ve been planning to update the photos in your house and you can’t wait to order new prints!! You can “favorite” the ones you want right in your gallery, then easily order them! They’re sent to a professional lab instantly and you get confirmation that they’ll be delivered directly to your doorstep! Done!

THIS, you guys. This is CloudSpot. It simply does exactly what you need, and that’s so important. They didn’t leave anything out. It really is the BEST system out there for delivering images, and I love it! When I was a bride, I didn’t have a system like this for when I received my images, and I wish I did! I don’t want any of my clients to have to remember where they put the flash drive with the memories of their biggest day. With CloudSpot, that never happens!!

I can’t thank the CloudSpot team enough for their service and client experience!! On my side of things, they’ve been a dream to work with and I’ve never had a question go unanswered. They’re constantly coming out with new features making sure their product is top notch.

If you’re a photographer and you’re looking to start delivering galleries online, or you know your current system could be better, below is a link you can use to sign up for CloudSpot and try it out! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Try CloudSpot HERE!


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